8 Dads dressed in tights throw down the moves for hilarious dance

Once a man becomes a girl dad his life irrevocably changes. Life becomes full of barbies, tea parties, dress up and watching Frozen on repeat. Another big addition to a girl dad is tutus and ballet.

One group of dads were tired of the girls having all the fun with ballet. So, they created their own ballet ensemble for a very special performance.

If these fathers were going to perform ballet then they were going all in and performing a ballet classic, Swan Lake.
Eight fathers donned white shirts, shorts and pink tutus for their big recital.

At an event to celebrate women’s day, they gathered around before taking the stage to show off their best moves. They did not come unprepared, these dads trained as if they were getting ready for the big game.

Swan Lake was written by Tchaikovsky in 1875 and has stayed as a favorite for ballet enthusiasts all over the world.

Swan Lake tells the story of, “Prince Siegfried and a lovely swan princess named Odette. Under the spell of a sorcerer, Odette spends her days as a swan swimming on a lake of tears and her nights in her beautiful human form. The couple quickly falls in love.

As in most fairy tales, things are not that easy and the sorcerer has more tricks to play. That brings Odile, his daughter, into the picture. Confusion, forgiveness, and a happy ending with Siegfried and Odette together forever round off the ballet.”

The eight fathers rendition of the classic story might be the funniest version that has been performed.
Since the fathers clearly rehearsed the dance does have a semblance of a ballet dance, but their dance skills are limited. They pirouette, plié , and grande jeté across the dance floor… just a bit out of rhythm.

It is their enthusiasm and willingness to have a bit of fun with themselves that makes this dance to joyful to watch.The fathers chose the “Dance of the Little Swans” from Swan Lake to perform to. It is normally performed in the second act and is one of the most iconic dances in the performance.

The choreography “was meant to imitate the way cygnets huddle and move together for protection … dancers enter the stage in a line and move across with their arms crossed in front of one another, grasping the next dancers’ hands. They move sideways, doing sixteen pas de chat. Ideally the dancers move in exact or near-exact unison. At the very end, they break their chain and try to ‘fly’, only to drop to the ground.”These “little swans” are not in exact unison but they try their best.

The “little swans” get an A for effort.
If they were nervous to perform in front of their audience, they should not have worried. The entire audience cheers the dancers on throughout their entire performance. When they drop to the ground in their last pose, the crowd goes wild. The women in these men’s lives love how fun they are willing to be.

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