Alyssa Milano Trades in Her Tesla for a Volkswagen EV – Elon Musk Shows Up When She’s Told the Bad News

Wok*ness and h*pocrisy go hand-in-hand.

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano received a history lesson on Saturday after the left-wing activist bragged about dumping her Tesla electric vehicle as a protest against new Twitter owner and Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Milano claimed that Twitter, under Musk’s ownership, was engaged in an “al*gnment with h*te and white s*premacy” in an over-the-top att*ck on the company’s reforms of its previous censorship policies.

In a twist, the virtue-signaling Milano explained that she had traded in her Tesla for a Volkswagen electric vehicle.

The celebrity took aim at advertisers on Twitter, in a backhanded attempt to cancel the social media giant after Musk’s purchase of the platform.

Keen students of history were quick to point out Milano’s ev*dent h*pocrisy.

Volkswagen was founded as a state-run enterprise in Nazi Germany in 1937, as Encyclopedia Britannica records.

The company’s Nazi connections were not merely symbolic, either. During World W*r II, Volkswagen devoted its industrial capacity to producing weapons and w*r vehicles for the Nazi d*ctatorship, according to Britannica.

A Twitter account run by the conservative comedians known as the Hodge Twins pointed out to Milano that her consumer choice wasn’t as “woke” as she imagined it to be.

Even Musk himself found the example of leftist h*pocrisy amusing.

Other critics of Milano pointed out the sanctimony of the Hollywood h*pocrite — challenging her to abandon Twitter if she feels so strongly about Musk’s ownership.

But giving up Twitter would mean Milano would be giving up a platform to preach from.

And for a woke h*pocrite like Milano, that would be giving up way too much.

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