Father and daughter return to the stage after earning 250 million views. They are really cool

For those of you who don’t know Dave Crosby, he was one of those contestants on The Voice who stood out for his incredible talent both for singing and for being an exemplary father. Claire, a four-year-old girl, for whom Dave had put aside his musical career, is perhaps, now his biggest admirer and his reason for success in the world of music.

She often makes stage appearances with Dave, even during his audition on The Voice; stage fright and camera shyness is not something Claire has ever conveyed to us, despite her young age. Many will remember her YouTube performance of “There’s A Friend In Me”, which has been viewed over 250 times. millions of times. And this Christmas season, it looks like the father-daughter duo are at it again with a new collaboration.

Claire and her father took the stage to perform “Oh Holly Night” at their Christmas concert. In her shiny, elegant black dress, sitting next to her father who was playing the guitar, Claire began to sing the tune in her sweet voice, restless as a little girl that she is, but without missing a beat.

Dave, rightly proud of her little girl, slyly tells her “good job.” And just when the audience thinks things can’t get any better, comes the last line, which Claire sings always matching the note to the melody! This is the moment that makes everyone present seem to forget that she is only four years old.

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