Girl Couldn’t Afford Dream Prom Dress So Her Date Learned to Sew and Made It from Scratch

When a girl couldn’t buy the prom dress she desperately wanted, her date stepped in to help. He taught himself to sew and made her a masterpiece that wowed everyone and was straight from a fairytale.

In 2019, a high school prom in Indiana saw a student don a stunning blue gown. The outfit was fit for a princess, but the backstory is what made it truly special. Senior Addi Rust got a massive surprise thanks to her prom date, Parker Smith.

Smith, who was a junior at the time, had no experience with sewing and making garments. The dress his date wanted was out of her price range, so she comically said he should make her a prom dress. The pair initially laughed at the suggestion.
Taking a minute to brag on this man because I think this is the coolest thing that I’ve ever been a part of. Parker MADE my prom dress. Straight from scratch did the whole thing and I am still speechless. I’m so lucky to have him as my best friend!❤️

— adrianna (@AddiRust) May 6, 2019
Dress Took Months to Make

A few moments later, Smith told Rust he was going to attempt to make a dress for her after all. He sketched the design and worked on the garment for months. With a few tips from his grandmother, the dress was coming to life.

The night before the dance, Smith was still adding on stones. He blames his perfectionism for this, but it all paid off in the end. Rust saw her dress shaping up over the months, but that didn’t stop her from becoming emotional when it was finished.

The Girl Was Moved to Tears

The first time she saw the final dress, she was moved to tears. Smith was overjoyed with the result, so much so he has continued designing. The youngster plans to study further in the costume design and musical theatre field.
@AddiRust and @parkerkeithsmit, I am so happy to have read your beautiful story. Addi, you are absolutely stunning and Parker, an absolute King! Please keep each other close for life. You only get a TRUE bff once in this life. Love to you both!

— AMANDA M FOREMAN (@Red_Dirt_Beauti) January 22, 2020
Smith’s ultimate dream is to work as a costume designer for Broadway productions. Looking at his prom masterpiece, this dream might not be farfetched. Netizens were also impressed with his work. One user called the design “perfect.”

The Online Reaction

Another online community member applauded him for the effort and for helping his friend. The user wrote: “Pretty awesome dress, I must say. Very skilled guy. And a good friend.” People also said the girl was fortunate to have Smith as a friend.

One person expressed that they believed their friendship would last for life. The commenter said: “What a special friendship! I have had friends for over 30 years from childhood and cherish every moment. Keep caring for each other …”
You look stunning, how lucky you are to have such an amazing friend!! Treasure the friendship you have and the memories you’ll make together 🥰🦋

— Mz Rae (@_HanaRae_) January 22, 2020
Sharing Experiences

Someone else stated: “I just wanted to say you did a very, very beautiful job on the dress. Any woman would be very lucky to have a young man like you in their life.” Others shared that their attempts and experiences with designing were very different.

A user said: “Wow! The most I’ve ever made was an apron in 8th grade! You guys look amazing!” Rust certainly was grateful that her date was such a talented and caring individual!

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