Super-patriot Alexander Vindman DEMANDS Elon Musk explain himself for suspending journos and BAHAHA

Twitter’s honorary Weeble-Wobble seems upset with Elon Musk … again. He’s probably still all worked up about Musk calling him out for being a total puppet a couple of weeks ago. Remember how big and tough he tried to get?

We made fun of him for it. A lot.
That’s probably why he blocked this editor.
Oh well.
Seems America’s super-patriot is demanding some answers from Musk about the toadies he suspended for stalking his toddler.

What’s he gonna do if Elon refuses? Tweet more mean stuff at him?

Oh, and then he tattled to the EU on Musk.
For suspending people who were sharing information that put his family in danger.
So special.

Get a life, bro.

Yeah, we’re going to bet Vindman isn’t exactly eager to share his exact location in real-time. But somehow they all expect Musk to be OK with it.
Hypocrites the lot of them.

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